What makes UltraEdit the world’s best text editor?

When it comes to choosing a text editor, there are plenty of good choices. But why settle for “good” when “great” is within your reach? While researching UltraEdit, you’re sure to learn what leading executives and industry professionals already know: UltraEdit has achieved greatness because of a combination of the strong and stable company that publishes it, a decades-long presence in the computing industry, acclaim and awards from the industry, and an unsurpassed standard for security.

So, what makes UltraEdit the best text editor around? We’ve broken it down into four reasons for your consideration.

The company that stands behind it.

For over 25 years, we’ve been tirelessly improving UltraEdit to adapt to the changing needs of our users.  Located in the USA, we’ve grown a team of in-house developers to meet this goal and to continue to exceed users’ expectations for what an editor can handle. Due to user demand, we’ve expanded the team to extend UltraEdit’s availability to Mac and Linux platforms in addition to its native Windows. Additionally, in another effort to meet our users’ needs, we expanded our product line to provide a full suite of tools for coding and text editing.

Even the most sophisticated program would be useless without quality support. Our understanding of this is why we employ an in-house support staff. Weprovide our users with the best technical and customer support in the business—an impossible feat for, say, an open source software. Just as important, we’re always listening to our users and the industry to understand how computing needs are evolving. Our track record reflects a quick response to those changing needs, so you can depend on UltraEdit to grow alongside you. When you decide to go with UltraEdit, you’re not just getting a great piece of software… you’re getting the company, its stability, and all the resources that stand behind it.

A track record of quality for almost 3 decades.

Since 1993, our vision has been to provide an editor that outlasts and outperforms anything else available. Even as other text editors have risen and fallen in popularity over the years, UltraEdit has continued to provide our users with the power and flexibility they need to do their most important daily work.

From the self-starting freelance developer who has used UltraEdit for her entire professional career, to the Fortune 500 companies who have renewed maintenance on their UltraEdit licenses for decades, and everyone in between. Our customers exemplify UltraEdit’s staying power in the world of text editing. And we’ve built a large network of partners and distributors to meet our worldwide user base specific and localized needs.

Acclaim from the industry.

UltraEdit has consistently been recognized by others as the leading text editor in the business, including the shareware industry’s “People’s Choice” award. We also earned a spot on G2 Crowd’s list of Top 50 Software Companies. Beyond this, our customer testimonials and user reviews from our 2+ million user community reflect that UltraEdit is the leader of the pack for performance, responsiveness, and customer service. As you browse user reviews, you’ll notice that UltraEdit is often praised for its ability to easily open and edit huge (multi-GB) files that exceed the limitations of other editors.

Security credentials like no other.

If you’re entrusting your most valuable data to your text editor, shouldn’t you be assured it’s secure? We’ve made a significant investment to obtain and maintain CA Veracode verified application security, because we believe our users are entitled to that assurance By regularly submitting UltraEdit to Veracode’s rigorous application process, undergoing thorough auditing, and continually making remediations, we’re committed to making security an inherent quality to UltraEdit. No other editor on the market can make this claim, including, again, open-source freeware. Only UltraEdit users enjoy greatly reduced risk and peace of mind in a world where security is of exponentially increasing importance.


Your work deserves the best, and that’s what UltraEdit has been designed to be. By making the distinguished choice to be an UltraEdit user, you’re allying yourself with a company and a likeminded community of users who are invested in your success. You’re ensuring you’ll be supported no matter what challenges lie ahead. You’re securing your work with a program that has put years into earning its trustworthy reputation. Take the first step towards becoming an UltraEdit user by starting your free trial today. Once you’ve experienced the luxury of UltraEdit, we’re confident that your search for the best world’s best text editor will finally be over.