UltraEdit v24 update

Many may remember UltraEdit’s big 64-bit release this time last year. The vast majority of the UE code was refactored to leverage Windows 8/10 64-bit operating systems. Since that release we have taken full advantage of the performance gains that native 64-bit systems offer. For instance, our startup, even with 100s of files, is well under 2 seconds.

Looks matter too! Past the native Windows, native 64-bit upgrades, we gave UltraEdit a whole new UI. From sleek UHD/4k icons, to the slim and compact toolbar or optional ribbon…UltraEdit is beautiful and easy to use and presents smooth crisp fonts, all framed in the theme of your choice.

With the building blocks of the v23 series behind us, we have used the past 18 months to round out the refactor effort and make UltraEdit a native Unicode application. What this means is UltraEdit is all things to all languages.

From our smart code page detection to our flawless rendering of Unicode characters, v24 is not just a native Unicode release. Our fresh approach equates to a Unicode breakthrough – in fact, our language rendering will be unsurpassed in the industry.

With the release of v24, what was formally known as a software masterpiece will now be equally known as a technical masterpiece as well. Native Windows, native 64-bit, native Unicode, full UHD/4k support, and split second performance…All that, insulating the vast feature set of the world’s finest editor.

“Better over time” is an understatement. Being #1 isn’t a status earned overnight, it’s earned over decades of excellence. V24 will be faster, simpler, smarter, and better than anything we have ever published before.

The sum of all our v24 efforts will be ready for your download this coming February.

If you are thinking, “wish I’d upgraded sooner!” No problem. Upgrade to v23.20 now and get v24 free…and as our gift to you, the all-new 64-bit UltraCompare Pro, with its new UI and UHD icons – comes free with your UE upgrade. Upgrade now!

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