UltraEdit v23: Suit yourself!

We’ve had many users contact us with questions and opinions regarding our recent overhaul of UltraEdit’s user interface. If you’ve used v23.00, you’ve already experienced the modern, highly customizable new ribbon and revamped menu and toolbar first hand. The new system has been well received, but we realize this is a bigger change for some than it is others.

The transformation of UltraEdit is born out of user feedback. Our market research, surveys, and focus groups all trended towards simplifying and modernizing its user interface.

While our existing users love UltraEdit for its power, stability, and features, they reported that the toolbars were confusing and dated. Secondly, many of our new users reported that the application seemed a bit overwhelming at first. And lastly, both new and existing users have asked for a native 64-bit version that leverages the advances in Windows operating systems including support for UHD/QHD, faster startup, and file loading.

We introduced the ribbon as a framework overhaul that would solve all these (and more) issues. The ribbon makes features much more discoverable and is self-documenting. Simplicity and usability are especially important, and no other convention offers this ease of use.

We fully understand that for some, the ribbon consumes more vertical space than desired. Here we have proactively addressed this concern with no less than three choices:

  1. You can right click on the ribbon and select Ribbon Compact Mode to reduce its height by about 20% and eliminate its group labels.
  2. If compact mode is still not what you are looking for, you can right click on the ribbon and select Toolbar / Menu mode. This will dismiss the ribbon and display the traditional menu and toolbars.
  3. And yet there are those that still do not wish for anything other than menus only. No problem, right click on the toolbar and click Hide this toolbar.

We have designed our framework advances with user preferences in mind. Not only can you switch in and out of ribbon mode, you can also select a layout and theme with a mouse click. You can also simply check the docked windows you desire to show!

Add to the simplicity of the new UI design, a split second start up and native 64-bit file handling, plus full support for UHD/QHD displays… You have the most sophisticated editor ever made.

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