UltraEdit v22 sneak peak

We are excited to pre-announce the release of UltraEdit v22, with the all-new Document Map! Based on the feedback we’ve received in beta testing thus far, the Document Map will be an incredibly helpful accessory for file navigation when working in the editor.

The main purpose and benefit of the Document Map is to provide you with a “10,000 foot view” of the active file so that you can quickly orient, navigate, and scroll to different areas. The Document Map makes it possible to see the overall structure of the file so you can quickly jump to and from visibly recognizable areas of code or text.

Screenshot of Document Map

What’s new in v22?

  • Document Map
  • Vertically split window
  • “Recently Closed Files” list
  • Trim leading spaces
  • Cut or copy bookmarked lines
  • Greatly improved and less obtrusive Check for Updates