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We are always happy to receive feedback from users; whether it be a simple “thanks for a great product” or “I was thinking you should add [x]”.

Every so often, our support team fields a message in which someone writes an in-depth review – and today is one of those days!

Our most sincere thanks to Jim Curry for the outstanding review!

When it comes to flexibility in a text editor, they don’t come more supple than UltraEdit. Five programming environments in one, with customized interfaces for power users, programmers, systems administrators, technical writers and web developers, make UltraEdit the one-stop code and text editing suite.

With clean controls, unobtrusive toolbars and the intelligent use of window panes, UltraEdit is quick to pick up – and hard to put down again.

All five environments have toolbar access to UltraEdit’s integrated FTP and SSH/Telnet clients, plus they all have instant access to project summary, currently open files list, file browser and favorites lists, via the four-tab sidebar on the left.

But UltraEdit’s real power comes from its ability to switch between each of the five environments, dramatically optimizing your keyboard time while you’re programming – no more fumbling between different IDEs, UltraEdit is your lightening-quick code-editing command central.

The programmer, web developer and power-user skins all share a set of of programming aids like screen widgets and syntax templates, the system administrator screen has an SSH/Telnet console and an impressive array of characterset conversion tools and OS switches, while the technical writer environment supplies a series of file header templates, an extra clipboard history pane, and a bookmark viewer. There’s even a minimalist Notepad replacement environment.

The onboard help is extensive, and includes a Getting Started guide, help with compiler configuration and an FAQ. Backed up online by an up-to-date FAQ, power tips and tutorials, a manual, active user forums and technical support, UltraEdit has no shortage of professional, aftersales care.

With the quality of your tools affecting the speed and quality of your programming, choosing the right text editor is vital. With UltraEdit, you can be sure you’ll always have the quickest and most intuitive tool for the job.


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