The next generation

Here at IDM we have put application modernization at the forefront of all our development efforts.

Since Windows 8, we have been under-the-hood refactoring code and pushing our legendary performance to the limit. Advancements in Windows 10 made the results of our efforts even more sensational. At the same time we have introduced a sleek new user interface that can be used in menu-only mode for the minimalist, toolbar mode for the classic look, or with our new tabbed array of grouped commands for the latest in usability inovation. Of course, you can customize each mode to your personal preferences.

The modern day constructs of technology are fully incorporated into all Ultra products:
  • The absolute latest in Windows framework technology
  • Full 64-bit support
  • Native Unicode support
  • UHD/4k/5k display support
  • Blazing speed and performance
  • but most importantly…usability!

Leading edge technologies, plus years of expertise, combined with thousands of beta testers have led to the groundbreaking versions of IDM’s 2016 lineup. Your use of IDM’s products have been made simpler, more enjoyable, intuitive, epicly beautiful… nothing short of a new way to experience computing.



“Beautiful job with this update now that I have had a day or two to try it. Marvelous work. Even more fun to use.”


IDM has again set the industry benchmark for architectural practices in designing and developing Windows applications. The capstone result: an all-new definition of what native Windows applications can do. Meet the new UltraEdit, UEStudio, and UltraCompare…

“Really liking the new ribbon UI in UE 23.x for Windows by the way, makes a big productivity difference to have the groupings and icons + text labels.”

“Thank-you for the update for high res displays. I recently got a new laptop and it’s been challenging to keep UltraEdit as my main tool for adhoc text file editing. The new update keeps UltraEdit as my swiss army knife and keeps me recommending it.”



Our high level road map for revamp has crossed the finish line and we are moving ahead with the absolute finest version of Ultra products ever made.

You can read more about our application modernization here.

“When I fired up v23 I was instantly pleased by the appearance of your version of a ribbon interface. You guys should teach the folks in Redmond about how to do a ribbon properly! The UltraEdit ribbon is so easy to use that I have not had any problem locating anything I was looking for. Visually, this version is immediately stunning. Yesterday I was working with a coworker who was turning over tasks to me so I can take over support for 2 systems. One step required editing a text file, and when UltraEdit v23 jumped onto my screen, she said “Wow!, what is that? – how cool!.. where do I get it?””
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