Pre Announcing v18.0… This changes everything!

Often referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of text editing, UltraEdit includes an array of powerful features like scripting, macros, templates, tag list, etc., designed to save you time when typing your text or source code. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how UltraEdit can save you any more time.

Yet, that’s exactly what v18.00 will deliver next month with the new and redesigned Smart Templates feature! Take a look for yourself in our quick video demo below…

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(To see a full-length video tutorial on this feature, please click here.)

I spend my entire day in UltraEdit. For me, this feature is an incredible time saver. I spend a lot of time neck-deep in PHP, HTML, Javascript, and occasionally other web-based languages. Frequently I find myself confusing the syntax of one scripting language with another, and I often must refer to the scripting language’s documentation to refresh my memory.

Smart Templates completely eliminate the need for me to do that. With Smart Templates, I can supply the pre-structured code itself for each language I use (PHP, Perl, whatever), and UltraEdit will offer me those language-specific templates based upon the type of file I’m editing. Even better – I can begin typing my keyword, and UltraEdit will automatically suggest the matching template for me with a preview of the code in the active file…code completion at its finest! Power users will also appreciate the fact that you can, of course, customize the formatting of each template to match your own coding style.

But this feature isn’t just for writers of source code or scripts. Smart Templates are fully extensible and can be used for nearly anything you can think of – text-based lists, plain text order forms, notes, and just about anything else involving text.

Our beta users have been abuzz over this new feature with some great feedback, and we’re enjoying the feature ourselves. Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing the release of UltraEdit v18.00 next month which will include this and several other exciting new features and maintenance items!