Message From Ian

After 14 years of UltraEdit, we are thrilled to announce V14.00..perhaps our biggest release in years! The v14.00 release brings together many new features and enhancements that will benefit both new and existing users.

There are many things that contribute to the popularity of UltraEdit. Besides UltraEdit’s extensive feature set, renowned versatility, and unsurpassed performance, our user community spans across a diverse range of industries and individuals from all corners of the globe which provides us the unique opportunity to cultivate feature and enhancement requests for the direct benefit of all.

Because of our close relationship with our broad-based user community and the benefit of listening to your ideas, we have introduced a feature that will transform the way each and every user benefits from UltraEdit. The cornerstone feature of v14.00 is unquestionably it’s all new TaskMatch™ Environments that are pre-configured for purpose driven editing. TaskMatch™ Environments allow you to switch tasks on the fly and access different toolsets for different editing purposes.

With V14’s new TaskMatch™ Environments feature, we are able to bring together the many different uses of UltraEdit allowing users to easily switch from one to another according to the task at hand. This enhances the versatility, makes ones multi-tasking much easier and provides greater ease of use and productivity. This of course is just one of the many new features and enhancements of v14.00 but of particular interest to all users.

We are also excited to introduce our new site, shopping cart and newsletter themes. Our operations staff have worked for many months on recreating our site to make it easier to navigate, quicker to use, and much more community based instrument! In fact in the coming months you will see an all new forum, RSS, Blog, and localized product pages for our international community.

As you can see from just these few “Highlights”, we are continuing to do what we do best… Bringing you the absolute best file management solution available at an exceptional value. Thank you for trusting IDM as your solution provider.

Thanks as always from Ian and the team!

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