A Brief Review – Ooops!Backup

David from Altaro contacted me with a couple of personal comments a while ago and as a result of that I took a look at his site and products.

I have to say, I have been very impressed. My expectation was otherwise as I prefer to have a whole system backup, these days with some form of image. After looking at Oops!Backup I thought I would give it a try.

It really is great for keeping multiple copies of documents (and other files) backed up, and equally important – easily restored by version. I think this is it’s obvious but greatest attribute.

Oops!Backup software box

It is easily setup and will just keep backing up any documents, pictures and whatever you decide as they change automatically at an interval you decide. You can also set up a secondary backup drive.

We have all seen a lot of backup software, but this is really worth a look.

You can get more information here:


You will find all the information you need and a free trial.

I wasn’t asked to write a review and receive nothing for it. I just saw what I thought was a great product and wanted to return the favor many have shown to IDM and our products over the years.

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