2018 Christmas Message from Ian

Christmas imageWow, it’s that time again – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

I and we at IDM are so thankful to celebrate our 25th year in development of UltraEdit and our IDM products. We have so much appreciation to you our users, some from over twenty years ago for the support that has made this possible. Without you we would not be celebrating!

When you think about how long 25 years is, it’s a long time. So much happens in that time for all of us, some good and some not so good. IDM has been a central part of my life and that’s true for many here. Yet, my life is driven more by my faith and thankfulness to God and Jesus my savior (before you quit reading, please stick with me…).

If I or any of us are to profess Christ as savior we are to love one another and show that love to others. The Bible says in John 13:34-35 – “As I have loved you, so also you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.” We are being watched and judged as Christians and we should be. None of us like hypocritical behavior and our witness in our behavior and love for one another speaks much more than words alone.

Why do I bring this up? Well, with sincere thanks YOU as supporters of our products have allowed us to show love to so many locally and around the world. We have a couple at IDM that have had many foster kids, we give and support local charities and organizations, we have provided water wells in Africa, aid to kids in Haiti, the Philippines and throughout the world, help to organizations that prevent and support women that have been trafficked, disaster relief here in the USA and so much more. All of this is possible because of your support and it’s a central part of my belief and many of us here that believe that showing the love of God and Christ in action is what we are called to do.

So much of this just would not be possible if YOU had not supported our products for the last 25 years. I truly am so grateful.

Whatever you celebrate, whatever your faith, we wish you very Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

Thank you again from all of the IDM team, may God bless you.

Ian and Team

P.S. One of the organizations we support because of their commitment to helping others in need and integrity with their finances is Convoy of Hope.

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