2015: A look ahead

One of the most frequent testimonials we receive relates to how our programs seem to address the exact need of the user. Along with the kind remarks, we’re often asked how is it that our products have such rich functionality and feature depth.

The secret to our success is you – our loyal users. Our development model has been driven by user community feedback for 20 years running. For better than two decades, we have quietly invited your suggestions, grouped and categorized them, and incorporated your feedback into the design and implementation. The result: applications that target solutions to the computing challenges you face in your daily work.

In January we will release UEStudio 15 with its all new Git integration. Git is a version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. If you or your team is using Git, you will love next month’s release of UEStudio 15.

Those using UltraCompare Professional have a lot to look forward to in January as well. We have spent several months focusing on performance and quality. We also have numerous enhancements to usability that will make managing your changes even easier.

UltraEdit v22 is currently planned for release in February. One of the many usability items it will feature is the new document map. The document map allows the user to select a scrollable “filmstrip” view of the active file and click whatever portion desired to reposition the edit window. This is a great way to view and visually navigate a file while minimizing the need to scroll. Of course we’ve ensured that the document map will not hit performance, is optimized for large files, and includes other elements aside from syntax coloring like folding, bookmarks, line numbers, and so on. The new document map can be toggled and can be positioned on either side of the edit window. Of course there will be numerous other enhancements in v22, and as always, maintenance.

Speaking of UE and UC, our cross platform versions are scheduled to receive the very popular themes that our Windows versions received last year as well as ongoing development and maintenance. We are targeting May – June for UEX/UCX releases.

Finally, UltraFinder and UltraSentry, which round out our file management suite, will both receive new features aimed at providing users more power.

In total, we have 17 releases planned for 2015, each release driven by user requests and our core commitment to quality. Many thanks to the millions using our solution and for your continued support of IDM products. Learn more about UEStudio 15, UltraCompare 15, and more exciting things to come in next month’s newsletter.

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