2014 Christmas Message from Ian

Merry Christmas! It’s my pleasure to greet you again this year and thank you all for your continued support of our products and taking the time to read our newsletter. As always, just following Thanksgiving, this is a very special time of thankfulness and reflection on what has happened in our lives, our families, our business and various circumstances.

I read an article recently that referred to many of the problems we have; bad cell phone coverage, no WiFi, bad service at a restaurant, minor illnesses and more. These were referenced as “First World Problems”. Now I realize there are many that have very severe problems, loved ones dying, cancer and major illnesses. However, many times we get so frustrated with the day to day “First World Problems” and don’t appreciate the many luxuries we have compared with the “Third World Problems” where so many die of starvation, illness that can be so easily cured in the Western World, poverty, just a mud hut to live in, no clean or running water and so many more issues. That’s not to mention the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, the Ukraine crisis and those being so cruelly persecuted by ISIS.

As we celebrate Christmas this year let’s be mindful of how blessed most of us truly are. Let’s be so thankful for all that we have starting with our loved ones and those that care for us. Let’s worry much less about the “things” and all the commercialism that has eroded the true meaning of Christmas and concentrate on what matters most.

I’m so thankful for all of God’s tremendous blessings in every way. Sure there is strife and struggles however I remain thankful to God and thankful for the real reason of Christmas, Jesus our Lord that God sent to earth to die for our sins. That’s the greatest gift of Christmas.

Thank you again from all of our great team at IDM, Rich my partner and the hardworking and dedicated staff.

God bless and Merry Christmas!


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