2012 Roadmap… UltraEdit; engineered for what’s next!

No matter how much technology changes, there is no such thing as reaching the finish line. We are ready at IDM. Our products are engineered for what’s next. In 2012 we have many exciting plans.

For UltraEdit v18.00 we plan to introduce Smart Templates… because we think improving software isn’t always about new features, it’s about taking existing features and making them better, smarter, and more beneficial to the user.

Smart Templates will essentially change the way you use UltraEdit. Imagine being able to simply type a few characters and your code completes itself and then allows you to edit the variables at the same time…

Also in store for v18.0 is a dockable “List lines containing string” window, automatic HTML/XML tag closing, syntax highlighting support for proportional (non-monospace) fonts, performance improvements, and more!

UltraCompare will get numerous improvements as well. Planned for release in late March, v9.0 will feature a new split Explorer view allowing you to select any level of a directory as the compare root. V9.0 will also feature a more powerful manual alignment, and will allow users to drag a file tab from UE to UC.

Besides these great additions, the Mac edition of UltraCompare is expected for commercial release in January and includes all the features of its Windows counterpart and even more.

Our pursuit of excellence is never ending and along with each and every planned release is our commitment to quality and performance. We are very excited about the year ahead!

Best wishes,


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